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Poster: Scrim Date: Nov 27, 2006 4:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If you are going to trade tapes, be cool

Dire, I have nothing against you. I get agitated when I see people bicker. We don't know each other at all. I am reacting to the rant against Liam being a deadbeat trader. And I have seen a few other rants too, but you usually straddle the fence in keeping some humor. In my interest to make my opinion known, I should have just said "take it outside guys."

I hope you're not one of those peace and love / I want to rip your throat out kind of guys. I could be in trouble.

But seriously, trading is a cool gig. I have mailed out a lot of stuff with no response back, and it sucks. Easier said than done, but if it doesn't work out I just don't do it anymore. Done issue.

In my psychotic weirdness, I also wanted to see now many hot heads I could stir up. Being rational in times of agitation can be difficult. It's funny, with email and boards, people forget how to communicate face to face, and can be so much tougher when typing. In reality, many people wouldn't go off on somebody in person. We are all cool, or else we wouldn't be here. We'd be trolling for innocents on Yahoo!

OK, peace and love, and all that crap. Hoist an icy cold pint of your favorite pale ale, slip in a mean Bertha, crank up Phil, and remember how lucky we are to know what good times, and good music, is all about. So many people don't get it!

(you can all thank me later for getting some action going on a Monday night.)

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Poster: not_a_typical_daydream Date: Nov 27, 2006 8:12pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: If you are going to trade tapes, be cool

Yeah, I was trying to stir it up with my 'I love '95' post. It worked pretty well, almost too well. I was gonna post a "I wouldn't even listen to '77 if it wasn't for Donna" thread, but I was afraid I would be booted off the forum.